BEAUMONT! P.O. Box 187; San Antonio, Florida 33576; (813) 969-4708, (813) 404-6519 BEAUMONT! plays any kind of music that interests them including, but not limited to: Folk, Rock, Bluegrass, Country, Dixieland, Classical, Jazz, Gospel, Oldies, Old-Tyme, standards, classics,favorites, parodies, novelties, Christmas, comedy, and occasionally even something in bad taste if it's called for.

BEAUMONT! is essentially an acoustic string band with up to and including four-part vocal harmony. But, any instrument may end up in a BEAUMONT! arrangement.
Robby Beaumont is a cousin to the other Beaumonts. He plays the Dobro( (resonator guitar) and violin in the band. Robby has played in many bands but is currently in a duo with Dennis Devine called BeauVine (playing at clubs) he also plays piano, saxophone,bass and who knows what
Dave, the oldest Beaumont brother, plays guitar and sings lead with the band. He also plays banjo and bassin other bands and as a studio session musician. Dave is a sound technician as well, doing live sound reinforcement for plays, fairs and any other event that needs a public address system. Dave is a mainframe computer programmer and a law student.
Michael is a published composer and plays every instrument you've heard of. His specialties are strings, tuba, accordion and the harmonica. Mike is a freelance video Producer/Director. In BEAUMONT!, Mike plays mandolin and sings baritone. He has a Communications degree.
Stephen is the most educated Beaumont (so far), having earned a Master's degree from Florida State University. He plays banjo and sings stretch vocals (bass and tenor, lowest and highest). He is a producer/director at a television station. Stephen also plays guitar, kazoo, saxophone and bass. For six years he was the youngest Beaumont brother.
fKenny is the current youngest Beaumont brother. He joined the band when he was one year old. He plays bass with BEAUMONT! (and sings the fourth vocal part whether high or low, whichever Stephen doesn't reach. He is a student at the University of Central Florida studying filmmaking (he knows the guys who did the Blair Witch Project). Kenny is in a rock band for which he writes songs, sings lead and plays bass guitar. Kenny may be the smartest of all the Beaumont brothers

Kathy and Allison are the Beaumont sisters. They are part-time band members, formerly fulltime. Kathy sings lead and tenor harmony and plays rhythm guitar. Allison plays bass, flute and clarinet.

BEAUMONT! has played almost everywhere: fairs, parties, TV, radio, festivals, theme parks, special events, football games, soccer games, telethons, rallies. Some highlights include Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Disney Village, The Renfro Valley Barn-Dance in Kentucky, The Burt Reynolds Dinner Theatre, The Florida Folk Festival at the Stephen Foster Memorial in White Springs, Filini's birthday party at the Tampa Theatre, the Grand Re-Opening of the Tampa Theatre, the Independence Day parade in Washington D.C., the ally behind the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennessee, Carl Allen's Catfish Cafe, the Cheyenne, the Strawberry Festival, McLean Stevenson's golf tournament, Saddlebrook, Innisbrooke, Fort Brooke, and many other Brookes.

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PO Box 187
San Antonio,
Florida 33576
(813) 969-4708
(813) 404-6519

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